See New Zealand

There are few countries, if any, that can compete with New Zealand when it comes to scenic tours. New Zealand is a land of natural beauty and diversity.

From the golden beaches, open plains ,rolling farmland, ancient rainforests and thermal wonderlands to the ageless glaciers and winter playground that is the Southern Alps, Custom Scenic Tours know and love all of this land and we can't wait to help you discover what you want to see.

At Custom Scenic Tours we have sat down and planned Tours to give you the New Zealand experience you desire and deserve.

Remember we also plan and take Tours to suit the individual requests of those who wish to take their own tour.

Our tours of New Zealand will give you a unique look at our Beautiful Country that will make you feel that you want to come back again and again.

The accommodation that we choose is of good four and five star quality to make for a comfortable rest and stay in New Zealand.


As the up coming Hobbitt Movies are released we will be able to add the filming sites into itineraries as required for our guests.